What We Do Best


What We Do Best

Office technology is the core of our experience, but we are highly experienced in the logistics and recycling processes too. Let’s start with how we got started. When COVID broke out, not many people were in their offices or using their copiers, printers, scanners etc. Large corporations were dumping technology, logistics and trucking companies were overwhelmed with workflow and our organization was already contracted with a lot of logistics companies in arriving before shipment and preparing equipment for freight. It wasn’t much of a transition for us to realize we should offer organizations an end to end solution. That’s how ITAD SVC got started.

Our first clients were smaller organizations that needed around 20 pieces or less moved to another location and set up, or returned to leasing company’s required warehouses. It wasn’t long before we were handling much larger requests for up to 600 pieces of office technology. Logistic companies will tell you they have a service provider that can ready machines for freight, but what they don’t tell you is a lot of times it’s a quick subcontract job with companies they’re not familiar with. Also in the logistics business, they subcontract out the freight, so they don’t really know who the driver/handler is with any particular load. Most logistic organizations just carry really good insurance and hope and pray. Not very pretty, but very accurate.

Here at ITAD SVC we are the end to end solution. We know the techs who are going to do the uninstall, the loading, the shipping, the arrival unloading and set up or lease company return. Your equipment is under our care from beginning to end. Although there are good shipping companies out there, who specialize in freight services for office technology, there aren’t many organizations that don’t subcontract out a large portion of that entire movement strategy. That’s what differentiates us from all other potential service companies out there.

Another caveat of ITAD SVC that some of our clients have really enjoyed is, we can do rush orders. A logistics company is at the mercy of the vendors they use. getting a tech out there, then organizing the shipment, then making sure the load has all connections to final destination. But we’re ready now. We can send a team out next day to start the process and load and begin the trip immediately. Most organizations plan in advance for these types of movements, but every once in a while, these things get delayed, ignored, held up until last minute and there aren’t a lot of solutions for you when you absolutely need to have it moved right away. ITAD SVC gains a golden star in this category. Call us today and you’ll see why more and more organizations are turning to us for their office technology ITAD and Logistical requirements.

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